Chiropractic is the branch of the healing arts that concerns itself with the relationship between structure and function – particularly the spine. Improper spinal function leads to symptoms and back pain.

Proper function is the key to good health. Every part of the body has certain jobs or functions to do. When all the parts of the body do the job they are supposed to do, we are healthy. If not, symptoms and pain eventually arise. This is true about all the parts of the human body.

In this office, we take a functional approach to spinal health. Our goal is to relieve pain and discomfort and to enhance optimal spinal health. We do this through functional rehabilitation of the spine.

Chiropractic doctors do specialized tests to determine how the body is working. Each time you are seen, we perform a functional assessment (exam) to determine if any problem areas (malfunction) exist. The results of this assessment determine what kind of treatment is necessary. Primarily, we use a hands-on approach called manual manipulation. Corrective exercises are often prescribed.

Chiropractic care begins with treatment by the doctor but quickly involves the patient. Long term results depend on patient compliance with postural, exercise and dietary recommendations. My personal philosophy is that the more you know about your back, the less you have to depend on me in order have a pain-free active life style.